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Local dollars helping local people. The Dallas Community Foundation was established in 1995 by a group of individuals who shared a common vision of a local fund that could give back to the Dallas community. Since then, the Foundation has helped people put their charitable dollars into their own community, giving a hand up to those in need.

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Grant Spotlight

Music and Memories

Enriching Lives Through Music

Do you have a special song that perks you up when you’re feeling down? Maybe it’s a song that you associate with a happy memory, or one that simply brings you joy. It makes you smile and brightens your day. For some residents at the Dallas Retirement Village, a special song can help them reconnect with memories long lost.

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Donor Story

Tony and Pearl Proal

Tony and Pearl Proal came to Dallas in 1934. For many years they operated a bicycle shop and worked together cleaning office buildings in town. Pearl was a mail carrier for a time. Tony and Pearl were often seen riding their bicycles and walking together through town, but they were private people, who lived quietly and simply.

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Current News

Giving Tuesday 2017 is Here!

This nationwide day of giving supports the vital work of charitable organizations. It’s an opportunity for us all to celebrate the true meaning of the season by giving back.
In 2017, through generous gifts from people like you, 15 Dallas High School graduates received over $30,000 in scholarships. A total of 23 non-profit organizations were awarded $45,000 in grants. These grants have made a positive and profound difference in the Dallas community and in the lives of those who need a hand up.
While every Tuesday is a great day to give, join us, your friends and neighbors, in giving TODAY! We can help you put your charitable dollars to work right here in Dallas, for now, for good, forever.

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