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Why Dallas Community Foundation


Local dollars helping local people. The Dallas Community Foundation was established in 1995 by a group of individuals who shared a common vision of a local fund that could give back to the Dallas community. Since then, the Foundation has helped people put their charitable dollars into their own community, giving a hand up to those in need.

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Grant Spotlight


A 2 month-old with a broken collarbone. A tiny body covered with bruises. A child burned with a cigarette. A young girl sexually abused. Beaten, neglected, starved, abandoned. These children have suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to love them the most.

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Donor Story

Tony and Pearl Proal

Tony and Pearl Proal came to Dallas in 1934. For many years they operated a bicycle shop and worked together cleaning office buildings in town. Pearl was a mail carrier for a time. Tony and Pearl were often seen riding their bicycles and walking together through town, but they were private people, who lived quietly and simply.

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Current News


DCF Board members are visiting local organizations, learning firsthand the impact of Foundation funds. The first tour date is Tuesday, October 18th.

Charitable Funds
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