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Thank You Donors

It is through your generous gifts that the DCF can support efforts that touch the lives of those in need, making a difference in the Dallas community, for good, for now, forever.

2020 Donors

Community Impact Fund (Unrestricted)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Vicki Bailey
  • William and Claudia Barber
  • Alicia Bodenhamer
  • Edgar and Marylouise Brandt
  • Bob and Lori Brannigan
  • Ken and Debbie Braun
  • Craig Brenner
  • Jim and Barbara Chaney
  • Jim and Karin Clawson
  • Robert and Marilyn Craven
  • Kevin and Lynn Crawford
  • Robert Davies
  • Dale and Lois Derouin
  • Eileen DiCicco
  • Harold and Janet Engel
  • Jim and Candace Fowler
  • Eriks and Kelly Gabliks
  • Emily Gagner
  • Jon L. Golly, Inc.
  • Donna Graham, Inc.
  • Carolyn Hampton
  • Craig Howlett
  • Jeffery and Susan Humphrey
  • Lynn and Sherril Hurt
  • Kimber Jagodnik
  • Gary Johnston
  • Judy Kindwall
  • Richard and Sharon Koloen
  • Debbie and Rod MacLean
  • Mia Mohr
  • Robert and Linda Nelson
  • Dennis and Patricia Newton
  • Wayne Osborn
  • Bob and Carol Ottaway
  • David and Ludell Parrett
  • Paypal Giving Fund
  • Tim and Dawn Rocak
  • Dave and Dana Roth
  • John Schoon
  • Lane and Francine Shetterly
  • Bob and Trina Timmerman
  • Doug and Denise Trowbridge
  • Carl and Patricia Van Well
  • James and Carolyn Wall
  • Del and Mary Warren
  • Brian and Chantel Williamson
  • Mary Wiens
  • Melvin and Audrienne Whitley

Friends of Delbert Hunter Arboretum

  • Anonymous

In Memory of Marian Kunke

  • Gordon Kunke

In Memory of Gladys Moorman

  • Bob and LaVonne Wilson

In Memory of Bob Wilson

  • Lane Shetterly

Karen Barnard Nursing Scholarship

  • Daniel and Peggy Dinges
  • Grace Dinges
  • Mary Dinges
  • Terese Dinges
  • Mike and Colleen Kibbey
  • Ron and Roberta Mehl
  • Brian and Vicki May

Dallas Rotary Club/Carl E. Morrison Scholarship

  • Dallas Rotary Club

Department of Forestry Scholarship Fund

  • David and Sandy Loewen
  • Dennis and Norma Stamy

Hank and Wanona Kliever Scholarship

  • Robert Kliever

Paul Olliff Memorial Scholarship

  • Judy Luther

Piering Family Scholarship Fund

  • Jerry and LeAnn Piering
  • Tobias Piering

Rochambeau Scholarship

  • Anonymous

Stuart Olson Memorial Culinary Scholarship Fund

  • Christopher Bouton
  • Karl Hansen
  • Ray and Bonnie Olson
  • Dennis and Macel Posey
  • Joseph and Jean Stubits

Dallas Library Capital Needs Fund

  • Edgar and Marylouise Brandt
  • Ken and Debbie Braun
  • Dale and Lois Derouin

Rochambeau Fund

  • Anonymous

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