Dallas Community Foundation

Why Dallas Community Foundation

Local dollars helping local people. The Dallas Community Foundation was established in 1995 by a group of individuals who shared a common vision of a local fund that could give back to the Dallas community. Since then, the Foundation has helped people put their charitable dollars into their own community, giving a hand up to those in need.

Why make a gift to the DCF?

  • We are established to give back to the Dallas community in perpetuity.
  • Foundation funds are professionally invested by Becker Capital Management, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.
  • Your gift will grow, making a difference many times over.
  • You can support a wide range of charitable causes with a single gift, or you can direct your gift to a specific cause through a designated fund.
  • We can help you create a legacy. We’re equipped to manage funds according to your intent.
  • We are focused specifically on the Dallas community, keeping your dollars local, supporting the causes you care about.
  • We have the flexibility to meet community needs as they emerge and evolve, and the permanence to support future needs.
We are here for Dallas, for good, for now, forever.

What do we do with your gift?

Your gift to the Foundation is pooled with other funds for long term investment and maximum return. Annual earnings are given back to the community through scholarships and grants to non-profit organizations. We carefully monitor and evaluate the use and effectiveness of the grant funds we disburse.

As the community gives, the community grows – stronger, together.

Charitable Funds
Assets Under Management
$2 Million
Grants & Scholarships Awarded
Awarded in Grants & Scholarships
$1 Million

Foundation Giving 2018-2023

Serving the dallas, oregon community since 1996