We invest in programs and initiatives to benefit the people of the Dallas area. Through our annual grant distribution, we provide support for educational, social, recreational and cultural programs in the Dallas area, directly serving youth, seniors and those in need. We also administer scholarships to benefit graduating seniors pursuing post-secondary education. We have touched the lives of many and will continue to make a positive difference in the Dallas community, for good, for now, forever.


American Legion

Wyatt Button


Wyatt Button

Karen Barnard Memorial Nursing

Ana Garus, Emma Classen, EmmaMae Johnson

Charlie Bair Memorial

Kadin Thorsted

Jeremy Buller Memorial

Joseph Sutton

Dallas Community Foundation

Ruby Earhart, Havalah Gaither-Lyell, AnneMarie Johnson, Faith Marin-Bail, Benjamin Nelson, Emma Smith, Victoria Woolner

Dallas Rotary/Carl E. Morrison Academic

Jayden Darrington, AnneMarie Johnson, Olivia Molina, Hadley Nelson

Dallas Rotary/Carl E. Morrison Vocational

Kadin Thorsted

Department of Forestry

Aaron Schomus, Victoria Woolner

Beatrice Gallaspy

Hadley Nelson, Bianca Parsons, Ellison Schilling, Aaron Schomus

Chester B. and Jeanne R. Healy Memorial

Bianca Parsons, Aaron Schomus

Hank and Wanona Kliever Memorial

Aaron Schomus

Stuart Olson Memorial Culinary

Morgan Dippel

Jerry Piering Family

Hayley Johnson

Paul Olliff Memorial Math

Toby Ruston


Nahla Hamilton, Toby Ruston

Helen M. Smith

Christopher Hankland, Ellison Schilling

2021 Grant Recipients

Bambinos, Oregon

$2,000 to purchase and install storage shelving and refrigerator at the Bambinos, Oregon office.

Community Mediation Services for Polk County

$1,500 for telephone, internet and case management software expenses.

Dallas Education Foundation

$2,800 to provide small educational grants to teachers in the Dallas School District.

Dallas Emergency Food Corporation

$5,000 to purchase protein-enriched foods and personal care products to supplement the food box distribution.

Dallas Retirement Foundation

$3,000 to purchase and install cardio-fitness equipment in the Lodge Wellness Center.

Dallas Youth Garden

$1,100 to support two internship positions for Dallas High School Students.

Family Building Blocks

$4,000 to support staffing and materials for the emergency respite care program.

Friends of the Dallas Public Library

$3,000 to purchase large-print materials and audio books.

James 2 Community Kitchen

$5,000 to purchase food, to-go containers and a free-standing convection oven for the community dinner program.

Kindness Club of Dallas, Oregon

$3,600 to purchase perishable foods for the Friday backpack distribution program.

Liberty House

$1,000 to purchase and distribute marketing materials to promote the iRespect and Protect website.

Polk County Family and Community Outreach

$5,000 to provide funds for the Emergency Assistance Fund to support individuals and families needing one-time assistance.

Sable House

$3,000 to provide trauma support and educational services to young victims of domestic violence residing in the shelter facility.

Salem Free Clinics

$4,000 to support general operating expenses for Polk Community Free Clinic and establish the Preventative Care Initiative.

SMART Reading

$1,000 to purchase and distribute books to students in SMART Reading programs at Lyle and Oakdale Heights elementary schools.


Each year we compile an annual report of our activities for the year, profiling our grant and scholarship programs.

2020 Annual Report


2020 Community Sponsorships

Unfortunately, many community events and fundraisers were cancelled in 2020. The Foundation was pleased to have the opportunity to be a 2020 Family Building Blocks Prevention Patrons sponsor.

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